Apprentice opening

Ok, here we go again. Had a great apprentise then her husband
chucked it all and became a professor in Wisconsin so we have an

If you are interested in becoming a master goldsmith working in a
shop th at specializes in fine handfabrication using the finest gems
available. No repairs. In short a living anachronism. We are
looking for a person with a demonstrated commitment to the craft. We
will work you hard pay y ou well including benefits and give you a
graduate level education. You will learn how a modern atalier
thrives and actually makes money. You wi ll work under the direction
of a master goldsmith and a world renowned gr aduate gemologist.

We are located in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts. Learn
more at and

In the past we have gotten a lot of response from jewelers in foreign
cou ntries. We are looking for American workers or foreign workers
with a val id green card and not interested at this time in bringing
in craftsmen fr om overseas.

Send resume to the this email or by fax to 413-637-8275

R. W. Wise, Goldsmiths
81 Church Street
Lenox, Massachusetts 01240