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Apprentice Jeweler


I am graduating from school with a 4 year degree in Metalsmithing
and Jewelry Design from the University of Kansas and I want to work
as an apprentice jeweler for some years in order to learn more about
jewelry making, which is what I like. Eventually I would like to have
my own business but for that I understand that there is still a lot
to learn, not just on techniques but on craft and finishing, and
other important things that you only learn when you are working in
the field. However I have been having problems finding a job, I have
looked on job search engines but all the bench jewelers positions
require experience, and I can’t find anyone who wants to hire an
apprentice jeweler, and I don’t really know where to search.

Does anyone know of someone who wants to hire or somewhere were I
can apply?

Right now I am in Kansas but I don’t have any problems relocating.

any suggestions? comments? help?

Lawrence, KS


Can you travel? Is it O.K. if I put you in contact with my associate
Mindi? She does jewelry for me. You can contact me at


If you’re looking at jewelry stores and don’t have enough skills to
offer, that could be the problem.

Two suggestions:

  • go spend a month or two at trade school, improving your trade
    skills and marketability

  • stop looking at jewelry stores, and look at factories

Woo hoo! Just what you went to college for, right? To work in a
factory. It’s a start, and you can work your way up.

My first job out of college was in a wedding and engagement ring
factory. My boss was a hunchbacked old guy, who was coming to work
in sweats because he’d just had a heart attack. He had no
fingernails. I thought it was from jewelry. No, he said, that
happened in the war.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Hi Valerie,

My name is Vic Davis, and I am a recruiter in the jewelry industry.
I assist jewelers in their pursuit of positions in the retail
jewelry industry. Please feel free to contact me at my office,
1-866-650-6400 (toll-free), as I would be happy to visit with you
concerning job possibilities.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Vic Davis

Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.
1675 E. Seminole, K-100A
Springfield, MO 65804
866-650-6400 (toll-free)
417-887-5277 (fax)


Those were the very same words I used in the interview with the
"Bench" magazine two months ago. I did say “get into a factory and
learn the basics”. What you can learn in one year at a factory is like
going to university. Trade schools are “the cream on the cake”, and
they are so worthwhile. Retail jewellery shops want only well
experienced staff, not learners. I know this for a fact. I spent 14
years in one, very large jewellery factory during MY younger
apprenticeship years…