Apprentice finds work in Sydney!

This is a message to announce that I recently secured an
apprenticeship in Sydney as a Setter. Apkar Ervan gave me a go and I
am loving every second of it! Learning Pave’ at the moment and am
progressing well. For anyone trying to get an apprenticeship, don’t
bother with emailing jewellers, get out there and knock on doors.
this is the best way to meet with prospective employers. I emailed
and called jewellers for around 10 months before I got off my arse
and knocked down some doors. My Thanks to those who said ‘no’, but
encouraged me to persist. Success!

Ben Wilson.


You post is encouraging, informative and gives me hope that it is
possible to find apprenticeships even in these times. I recently
moved to the Bay Area and have been searching for jewelry production
work and/or an apprenticeship with a jeweler for quite some time. It
is easy to become frustrated and loose hope. Your post is proof that
opportunities still exist, they might just be harder to find.

Thank you for the renewed hope! Congratulations on your

Taylor Bobowicz