Appraisals for jadeite

I wish to find an appraiser who is capable of valuing a couple of
pieces of jadeite; one is a ring size cabochon and the other is a
ring size tablet. Jadeite is out of my area of expertise and I would
like to sell these once I have an idea as to their value. These
pieces have been in the bank for about 20 years so they probably
predate the advent of “Bleached jade” and polymer filling and dyeing
that is prevalent now. Thanks Bill

Be in touch with Fred Ward. I am sure as always he will be in Tucson
for the show. You can look @ his book “Jade”. He can answer your questions or direct
you to the right people. Haim WWW.SILBERS.COM

Hello Bill, I can’t help with the appraiser request but I’ve been
told by a long-time jade collector that an appraiser will not look at
jade nowadays without certification from a lab that the material is
untreated. This was in response to my own question regarding a
client’s request to have some jade appraised.


Try Guild Labs
550 S Hill St. Ste.1188
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Charles Carmona, G.G., A.S.A.

Charlie is a good friend, and I’m certain that he could identify and
appraise these for you. I think he’s the best appraiser I know for
jewelry. I’m SURE he must be in Tucson this week. David Barzilay, Lord
of the Rings

Hi all,

Yes, you are right that appraisal of jadeite, first you need to
identify whether it is A-jade (natural / little treatment), B-jade
(bleached and polymer impregnated), C-jade (dyed jade), B+C-jade
(bleached, dyed + polymer impregnated), D-jade (composite jade), etc,
i.e. jade imitation, e.g. serpentine, green grossular, averturine
quartz, green feldspar, etc. Then after you have done that, you need
to look at the quality of the jadeite-jade, i.e. texture, colour
saturation, translucency, quality of polish and symmetry. Then last
one, quite difficult, the price in relation to its quality and size
of the material.

Commercial quality is no problem but when you goes into high quality
where pricing can be quite difficult because in western countries
there are few people dealing with jadeite-jade as compare to diamond
or ruby or sapphire.

You cannot appraise a jadeite-jade through photograph because
picture can be altered or even upgraded to make it look perfect.

You can try visit a jewellery shop in downtown Chinatown in San
Franscisco to ask them to appraise your jade.


Bill Kent, I had posted a recommendation that you try Guild Labs for
this. I checked with some friends who are jade experts, and who own
the multi-thousand dollar device which is needed to test jade for
treatment. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Here is their response:

kaze @

Yes, we test jade for treatment and give appraisals. The charge is
$60 for the first item, $35 for each item thereafter, plus return

Mason-Kay customers are charged $40.00 for the first item and $25
for each additional item, plus return postage.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Mimi Kay