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Applying gold to steel


How do you apply gold/ gold foil to steel ( not stainless), and is there a certain type of steel I need to use?


This is a technique used extensively in decorating antique arms and armor.


Take a look here


there are a number of techniques - one in particular developed by our late Chris Nelson. check out his paper in the Santa Fe Symposium.


Thank-you. I have never seen this. It looks pretty time consuming. I’ll give it a try.


Bette Barnett of studio migoto teaches the technique and there are quite a number of students that Chris taught that would coach you. It is a technique rife with subtlety.


Judy, thank-you for responding and directing me to Chris’ paper. Wow, it’s a lot to comprehend but he has given some excellent instruction! I’m a little intimidated but willing to try!
Thanks again - Lisa


Judy, thank-you again.


Since I am in Philadelphia I contacted the museum and it is out of print. They did say I could borrow the book tho and will. I’ll report back.

Still cold in Philly
Esta Jo


Thank-you so much Esta!