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Applying gold leaf onto silver

Hi Guys

looking for some advise about gold leaf as a means of highlighting
recessed disc areas on a silver collection. I have no experiance of
using the stuff and wonder how it wears - would there be any
advantage to using this process as opposed to normal plating? which
is most resistant to general wear & tear?

many thanks

Hi Annika

I recommend you try Keum-Boo which is a Korean technique for applying
thin 24Kt gold on to silver. There is an excellent article written by
Charles Lewton-Brain in the orchid articles archives which describes
the process very well. Here is the link (hope it is legal)

The process as described by Charles works very well and I can attest
to this because I learned Keum-boo 18 yrs ago from Dee Fontans who is
Charles’ wife.

Gold applied by KeumBoo is very durable as it is fused to the
silver. It basically can not be removed once applied.

If you have any questions once you have read the article, I would be
happy to answer them if I can

Calgary, Canada

Christine Dhein, assistant director of the Revere Academy teaches
classes in Keum-boo and has an excellent pair of instructional videos
about the technique.

Michael David Sturlin