Applying for a repair contractor job


I would like to apply for a repair contractor position for a local
businessthat is selling silver-only jewelry. They requested that I
send them a price list.

Here is what they want me to do:

Services Needed: General Repairs - Alterations: Lengthening and
shortening chain etc. - Ring Sizing - Soldering - Custom work upon
customer request

I’d have to use my own place, own tools and pick up/deliver once a
week to their stores.

I have completed the Jewelry Technician program at the Revere
institute. After that I have done repair work for a few months for a
local jeweler. Mostly resizing diamond rings, fixing chains,
attaching charms and bails, etc. Most of the work was in gold. I was
paid by the hour.

Here are my questions:

  • What should my price list look like when I contract for another

  • Do I need insurance in case a repair goes wrong? (has not happened
    yet, just being paranoid here)

  • What differences can I expect in doing repair work in silver versus
    in gold? I am working mostly with silver in my studio, but have
    little experience with repairs in that material. I am expecting
    chains to be about the same, rings should be similar as long as there
    are no stones. Stones would probably have to be removed unless they
    are diamond, ruby, sapphire and maybe cz’s. Is that about right? Do
    you have any advice/warnings for me?

  • any other potential pitfalls I should be aware off?