Applying flat gold letters to sterling


I am interested in making bracelets with gold letters attached to
sterling. I do not own soldering equipment but was wondering if I
could attach the letters to the sterling with adhesive or glue. I am
thinking of the way gold letters are attached to the modular Italian
charm bracelets that are so popular now.

Also, has anyone used the pleather cording as a substitute for
leather? I read where it is more supple than leather cord and it
doesn’t tend to flake. I don’t know how durable it is though. Just
would like to hear your opinions.

Thanks so much to everyone who replied to my previous questions.
Your replies have been VERY helpful and are greatly appreciated!


DanielBe Jewelry

Dan, I would not trust any glues to hold over a period of time,
especially with the expense of using gold. The best solution without
soldering would be to rivet the gold letters to the silver. The
rivets can be made from an appropriate guage of gold wire.

Joel Schwalb

Although there are some very sophisticated glues on the market you
will find that the bond between the metals will last all of five

The coefficients of expansion (the amount that they expand when
heated) are different causing them to separate. On top of this
everyday wear and tear will make them part company very quickly.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone