Apple coral

Several days ago, I posted a request to know something about what
the source and nature, etc., of apple coral is. Can anyone tell me?

Judy Bjorkman

Hi Judy I don’t know if this will help you or not, but there’s an
ebay seller (skyesgems) who has some of it. Maybe Skye could answer
some of your questions?

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You’ll get a far faster answer by doing research like this yourself
on the web using a search engine!

Just typing in “Apple Coral” into google brought up 606 references -
the first of which read “Apple Coral is a stabilized sponge coral.”

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040

Yeah, Tony is right but…usually I have no problem finding
about coral…have many old sources from my article
writting days. However, when I looked up ‘apple coral’ I really
didn’t find anything very authoritative! I suggest it is a
commercialization of something like Tony says a stabilizization of
spong or brain coral. I can’t find anything about a specific “apple
coral” or where it might come from.

Anyone else have further info?

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Hey Guys what is Apple Coral?:

I did a search on Ask Jeeves

  • Beads made from apple coral (Philippine limestone)

  • Apple Coral Rounds A composite of soft coral was made to create
    these dainty beads. They have been heat treated to stabilize color.

And on Metacrawler:

  • Currently Apple Coral is becoming rare and hard to find in the
    bead trade since coral collection and mining was banned worldwide in
  1. Also the United States currently has an import ban on corals
    from the Philippines. These beads are all from an old stash that had
    been stored in someone’s garage for years. They were imported from
    the Philippines sometime in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. Apple
    Coral is naturally a dark brick red; however it lightens with
    exposure to heat or extended direct sunlight.

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