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Appalachian schools

Hi. Does anyone have any recommendations for or against the metal
jewelry studios/schools at Penland School of Crafts and/or John C.
Campbell Folk School in the mountains of North Carolina? I’m
considering attending next summer. Also, can anyone recommend any
other similar school in the Southeast? I’m looking for something
along the intermediate level in silversmithing. thanks. ginger ginger
meek allen silversmith & jewelry artist little cottage studio
wake forest, north carolina


I visited Penland several years ago with graduate students in our art
program at ETSU. While teachers come and go, the whole idea of
submerging oneself in the creative arts for a summer could not be
explored in a greater, more inspiring place. Penland grew out of the
Bauhaus school with many contributions from those artists. A trip to
meet resident artists and visit in their homes will quickly convince
you that this is a place to grow. I envy the world of learning ahead
of you! Patty Lux —

Ginger- what about Arrowmont, and The appalachian craft center in
Smithville, Tenn? ACC is less expensive than arrowmont, and has nice
facilities. Frequently has some of the same instructors. Also, you
might consider joining the Florida Goldsmiths (they allow "at large"
memberships-) so you can go to some of their workshops up at
Wildacres. I have heard they are great- Anne

I actually found a book in the library featuring the Penland School.
In it were shown some projects being done and I think some info about
the school. I live in Iowa and the book just happened to be in the
library here. You might look for it. It was titled the Penland School
of Crafts and jewelry making by John Coyne. Annette

Check out Arrowmont in Gatlinburg. Good place for great workshops!


There is William Holland School of Lapidary Arts at Young Harris,
Ga. (about 11 miles from John C. Campbell. They charge much less
as the instructors are volunteers. I have attended John C. Campbell
and William Holland. The same instructor taught silver at both.
It’s a wonderful way to spend a vacation whichever place you go. I
go every summer (sometimes twice). Also if you a a member of a Gem
Club, you could attend Wildacres at Little Switzerland. The have
volunteer instructors also. The usually have classes in Cabbing,
precious metal clay, silver I and II, faceting, beading, etc.
There is a club in Raleigh - Tel No. 919-7798-6620.