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Anyone tried Lasik? - was Contact lense


Good evening to all, I was reading the posts about wearing contacts
in the shop. I, personally, was never able to wear them comfortably
(my eyes got too dry, I guess), and once got a little pickle in my
eye when they were in. Very unpleasant, but nothing permanent.

It brings me to my question… has anyone out there considered LASIK
treatment to correct their vision issues??

Jeff R. (I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I’ve had
something ricochet off my glasses! I’m glad I wear 'em!)

It brings me to my question.. has anyone out there considered
LASIK treatment to correct their vision issues?? 

Both my brother and his wife had this done - it worked for his wife
(althought she looked better wearing glasses!) but, for him, he has
gone from needing glasses for far sight to now needing them to read.
I think its still a rather imprecise ‘science’.

Best wishes,

Ian W. Wright
Sheffield, UK


This is one I can answer to. I had Laser surgery back in July 01,
after asking the same question you did on this forum and not getting
much feedback, I went with my gut feeling and had it done. I went to
a doctor that was referred to me by several others who had great

My vision was -4.50, yes, blind as a bat. The procedure went fine
except for, when lining up the left eye, I either moved or the
doctor screwed up and the laser hit me outside of the cornea and
gives me problems only when my eyes are very tired.The procedure was
painless, and I was back at the bench the next day, which now I wish
I hadn’t. The mantra of the doctors are keep the eyes moist, and
when working at the bench I notice myself blinking less, therein
drier eyes. I was also told by my operating surgeon that I had very
dry eyes and may need my tear ducts plugged, told this to the
follow-up doctor and he never followed thru until 4 months later, I
believe this is why I don’t have perfect vision now.

My vision now is -.75, can drive fine during the day without
glasses, but not at night. We have discussed a touch up surgery but
there is the chance that with this small amount of the cornea
needing zapped that there is a chance that you can go too far and
loose your near vision. As of now I can see upclose perfectly, no
bifocals and to me that is more important than seeing perfectly at a

Would I do it again,YES. It is probably hard for some people to
imagine the joy of rolling over in bed and being able to read the
digital clock across the room,or swiimming with your child and
hitting her in the head with a nerf ball instead of a kid you thought
was your child! Chuck Fizer