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Anyone know where I can find something like this for training?

Is this a mounting?
Pave pendant mounting?

Not sure what to call it. Believe the the material is brass.

Dear everyone!
This is quite an “easy” technique and process for the Diamond Setter! All it takes are a few burs with a very steady hand👍!
The tools that “I would use” and the reasons are as follows!
A round bur that is 75% of the size of the selected stone. This is for the pavilion of stone to sit against inside the rim of the metal
Use a 156C (under-cutting, or hart-shaped bur) this bur makes a little seat in that claw-prong. This is where the girdle of stone will be sitting into.
BTW, do not drill any deeper than 30% as you might weaken the structure of the claw!
The next and final bur, is the “bead-burnisher”. This bur must just a little larger than “tip of the prong”!
This will enable you to ‘slightly and very carefully’ push the metal over the girdle of the stone!
This description of various kinds of burs is applicable for any size of diamond that’s being used. I call this process an easy technique, once learned.

“Gerry, on my busy, iPhone”