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Anyone have a good source for Alexandrite:

I’ve got a customer looking to spend a couple thousand on a genuine
alexandrite. Needs to be good attractive color change, preferably in
the darker more intense hues, rather than the pale mint green to pale
brownish tans. It needn’t be all that large. I’m realistic here,
knowing what larger ones cost, but I’m having trouble locating a
source who’ll also be willing to send such stones on memo to an
individual craftsman without a formal store front, etc… My
regular local stone dealers have nothing of the sort… And all I’ve
found on the web are the lighter, less intense stones… Any

Peter Rowe

Hi, You might want to give Michael Couch out of Des Moines Iowa a
try. His prices are fair and he carries quality stones. The number is
(888) 256-0445. I think we might be neighbors, my store (Goldmine
Jewelry) is at first and Union in Seattle.

John Winters

Call Jeff Gurecky in OH 419-878-0830 ( in the evenings). He’s a
famous stone cutter and has connections for stones such as you are
looking for. Tell him I gave you his name. Mary Ann Archer

Peter try James Alger co… 800-446-1556 and for other sources try the
AGTA Source Directory. American Gem Trade Association can be
contacted at 800-972-1162. This source book is my first look for any
colored stone needs not supplied locally. The book I use is 1998
publication and almost all of the listings are still good. I don’t
remember the cost but it was well worth it whatever is was, if there
was a cost. If you need more sources contact me off list and I will
fax or email a list the is very long. Good Luck Frank Goss

Peter, Have you considered using lab grown alexandrite. I have used
some from Chatham. It is available in a large variety of sizes and
shapes. It’s quite beautiful and the price is right. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Peter: Try Roger Dery @ Spectral Gems. He has been one of our
suppliers for a long time an a fellow GIA alumni. Good Guy. Tell
him I sent you. 1 800-637-GEMS. Good Luck. Mary