Anyone buy a digi carat scale lately?

After 40+ years of goldsmithing I was sorting out some gems recently and realized my old german made wood box model carat balance is basically an antique…

I did do a quick search and the last post on this subject was Aug 2006.

What I would like to ask is if anyone has a recommend on a decent gem scale (would US made scales still be my best option… if so which one?)

Many Thanks for your ideas



PS … I love this forum!!!

The folks at Otto Frei told me that there are two types of scales that are in two different price ranges. One that is legal for trade (those have to be super accurate). The other kind isn’t legal for trade (but they are still pretty accurate).

Do you know which kind that you want?

That will help us give you a referral.



Definitely legal for trade is the way to go

I hadn’t thought of that … But I still have the weights and measures Canada stickers on my old O’haus dial a gram gold scales.
Gov employees used to check my scales annually back in the day

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I’ve only ever purchased not legal for trade scales, so I don’t have one to recommend to you. A legal for trade carat scale is a pretty common item in our industry. Let’s see what folks recommend.


I got curious and checked to see what Gesswein, Otto Frei and Rio Grande have for legal for trade carat scales. They all have scales in different price ranges. Otto Frei has a good explanation about what makes a legal for trade scale. For instance, with not legal for trade scales, the owner can recalibrate them. Legal for trade scales can’t be recalibrated by the owner. I thought it was really interesting and would pass it on.

Cheers! Jeff

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