Any tips on soldering silver plate pitcher?

We have a friend’s silver plate pitcher, with a broken hinge at the lid (cutting plates, and fabricating hinge pins and tubes). Having a bit of difficulty controlling torch. temp.and solder flow. Have used Stuller ultra soft silver solder, and Tix soft solder at various times.

I have a family member’s pitcher…same problems (I even bought one on ebay, just in case). I think what is going to work is making up jigs with free hand tweezers and clamps to hold each fabricated piece in place, then flux, and just dance the (soft, long)_flame about until it flows. I’ll “pull out” as soon as it flows, and wish for luck. I think Tix (world’s hardest soft solder??) is what will work. It could run, so maybe “paint” a protective coating spaced out just a bit from the joint?? I did find a lower temperature silver solder at Stuller, but no success yet. (likely my fault)
Good luck with it (Bronze Shoe, and others can to this, and likely far better than I, but at quite a cost)…the extra pitcher is nice, and $35.00.