Any recommendations on a mini craft heat gun for softening shellav and thermoplastics?


i would like to get one…but i am not sure what wattage i am looking for…does anyone have experience using one for this purpose who can recommend brand/ heat range in wattage?…


Don’t exceed 1500 watts. That’s the most that a typical 14 gauge solid copper circuit can supply without over heating something. Not knowing the type of wire and wire size that you have, this is difficult to calculate. In the end, most heat guns don’t exceed 1500 watts. The last one that I had was in the habit of shutting down on over temperature just about the time that it got to a point where it could do what I needed it to do. I don’t know about shellac, but I use hot water to soften thermo-loc…Rob

I have this one. It works like a charm and is a nice size.

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have you tried using a hairdryer? the temperature control is not too accurate but at high, the maximum power that it draws is 1,500W…

In my experience, they usually shut off on high temperature just about the time you have achieved what you are trying to do with the hair drier…Rob

Hi Bernie,

i wish i had seen your post before i ordered!

i ended up getting this one