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Any real benefit to offering only 18K gold?


I haven’t been following this thread, so please forgive me if my
post is redundant:

For a long time, 14K was the gold of choice mainly in the US only.
Asians and Europeans traditionally prefer higher karat gold, and, to
the best of my recollection, you would be very hard pressed to find
anything less than 18K anywhere outside the US. International travel
and tourism had its impact. Visiting customers ignored 14K “Here”, as
American travelers brought home the more glamorous examples they
would find “There”. Eventually, the US market began to trend along
the same lines, offering more and more 18K - and above - as the
demand for higher end jewelry in general began to heat up in the mid
80’s - early 90’s ( if memory serves as to time period…) Fairly or
unfairly, 14K became more or less synonymous with manufactured,
production lines for the “mass market”, i.e., the K-marts, Walmarts,
and low-to-mid level department store chains.



I use 18k gold and higher simply because I like working with it
better the the lower karats. It’s softer, and I feel, much more
malleable than 14k. For my bezels I use 22k, it’s so great to work

Just my 2 cents worth…


IMHO, I like 9k gold because it meant that I could afford to
purchase a little gold pinkie ring, which I have worn 24/7 for at
least 25 years. It’s beginning to show wear(!), but has a nice gold
color which has never changed.

Judy Bjorkman