Any opinions on pneumatic sprue cutters?

Hello, Does anyone have experience with pneumatic sprue cutters? They
are quite expensive and before I consider purchasing one, I want to
make sure its worth it.

I’m having difficulty with my hands and wrist using a regular cutter
to desprue, and as I am now casting small production runs, it is
becoming more of a problem. Of course I have tried sawing off and
using cut-off discs (they break constantly), but find neither to be
particularly time efficient, or maybe its just lousy technique on my
part, ha! ha! Anyway… I would appreciate any opinions or options.


Have one. Like it. Got it for the same reason you are considering,
to avoid hand and wrist stress. I figure it is a lot cheaper than
surgery and/or disability.

Stephen Walker

Any tool that makes your job faster and/or easier is a good tool. One
can’t have too many tools!


Have you considered buying a pair of bolt cutters rather than an
expensive pneumatic cutter? Bolt cutters come in different sizes and
have long handles for leverage; they may be a satisfactory solution.

See this link: Bolt cutter - Wikipedia

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Alliance, OH

If you are dealing with gold or any other noble metal, you can lose
extra metal. Once the item is cut, you will either have to file down
the part that was not cut, or you will have to recut it closer. We
were introduced to this type of cutter when we used brass in our
learning process. It was never used when we were dealing with gold.

This of course is just my opinion. I am a tightwad when it comes to
the noble metals.

Angela Hampton