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Any good handmade jewelry web sites?

Hi everyone,
I’m surfing on the net and finding it hard to find any handmade jewelry
sites. Designers, how to do, especially with wire wrapping. Any
is appreciated!

— Eni Oken ~3D Digital Artist~

Have you ever looked in back issues of Lapidary Journal at the projects?
Many are wire wrapping and at all skill levels. The instructions are step
by step, well illustrated and very clear. Get a hold of some issues and
explore a few ideas.

Good luck,
Bob B

Here’s a short list of wire wrapping sites:

The Amulet, Stratford, Ontario

Steingem jewellery, part of the Creativity Zone

Especially Yours

Rozdale Designs "Ultimate Angels"

Jeanne’s Corner - nice filigree work


Dianne Karg, B.A.A.I.D.
WRAPTURE wire jewellery
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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'Wild Anvils’
To bring together like-minded people thereby
providing a focus for local South Australian
jewellers and metalsmiths - particularly recent
graduates and students, who may be working in
isolation. To contribute to LEMEL (the newsletter
of the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of
Australia) by way of informative articles,
exhibition reviews and photographic material. To
promote collaborative liaisons and group

Arts Resources
Bob Mitchell Productions produce the Metal Arts Source Book.
Images of jewellery and metalwork on CD-ROM.
Source Book II Press Release.

ArtMetal Presents! Jewellers, sculptors, all sorts of artmettlers

Peter Rowe’s articles. Peter’s a master goldsmith and gemologist
who has for some time now been enlightening the readers of the
usenet group on the finer points of jewellery

Goss Design Studio contemporary hand-made jewellery and
metalwork of Andrew Goss and Sandra Noble Goss, of Owen
Sound, Ontario, Canada. Plus a Makers Online crafts catalogue of the
best professional craftspeople in the Grey-Bruce region.

Helen Drutt Philadelphia:

Some selections from my links page.
Hope it helps.

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Hello Eni:
Many of the web sites on my list are from jewelers and craftsmen on this forum.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA