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Any advice on buying diamonds from pawn shops?

Hi folks, can anyone advise me on the best way when going into
pawnshops to buy diamonds what is the best way to confront the
store owner. My question lies whether or not I should let
him/her know if I’m in the business and if so would he mind if I
look at the stone under a microscope which I would leave out in
the car until it’s ok. Also what is the best instrument to
detect fracture filling besides a loupe, I heard about a
blacklite field loupe or something?

Thanx again

First let me say there are many excellent people running
pawnshops but you must always be on your guard against the rest.
I recommend "dealing from ignorance " to start. that is just
go in to browse,see if youare given deliberate misstatements
other thanvaluation I don’t think anyone is expected to believe
those. This is the quickest method I know to get a preliminary
guage of honesty When a shop passes this test, apologize and
explain what and why you used this cover maybe even congratulate
them for passing. Forever more they will be wary of trying to
pass off anything less than accuracy even if you ARE ignorant in
an area.

Without some way of judging compentence and knowlege you are
better off staying out of a pawn shop. These people make a
living by knowing the market value of an incredible range of
goods and being sharp dealers. There are people who consider it
a sin to not take amark for all he’s worth. The nature of a pawn
business is such that many tend to slip into that mode.

Again, I have gotten many bargains and there are many good
people doing this. But I think the honest ones will admit there
are many sharks of all grades and sizes.

I’m sorry if I have rambled too much but haggling can be a
speciality all by itself. and dealing with a pawnbroker is
working in the majors.

(P.S. Just trivia, but three three gold balls were included on
the coat of arms of the Medici who made much of thier fortune
loaning money against collaterall)