Antiquing roller printed brass bracelet

Hi there!
I made a brass cuff bracelet for my granddaughter with a roller printed design. I want to blacken or darken the impressions, but haven’t had much luck so far. LOS didn’t really work, so I ordered some Midas from Rio, and that darkened it, but when I tried to remove it from the surface only, it didn’t stay in the impressions and now the entire bracelet is just a darker shade of brass…does that make sense? Maybe I just should have made it from copper!

How can I remove the dark from the surface and keep it in the design area?
Deb in N TX

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Hello Deb
If you black slowly it tends to be stronger.Dilute or dont heat slows the reaction,then rub the patterned side with leather with rouge or tripoli or your polish of choice.This removes tarnish from high surfaces and leaves the depressions dark.
Terry in UK

Deb, I use Jax Black. Dip the bracelet in it until it is dark (don’t leave it in too long, or the black will flake off). Rinse well, to stop the darkening action. Make a paste of water and pumice. Put on a rubber glove (if you want to) and rub the paste over the top of the design to remove the black there. Rinse and dry. (Save the Jax Black; it can be re-used for a long time.)
–Judy Bjorkman

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Thanks so much Judy, I will definitely try that!