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Antique/Vintage stick pins

I’ve acquired a few antique stick pins, 10k and 14k. I’m not an
expert in this type of jewelry, so I throw this question out to the
more knowledgeable members of the community…

What kind of cap or end piece would be appropriate to pair with
vintage stickpins? Or are the contemporary ones (the ones that look
like half a skinny pill with sort of a rubbery tube inside) basically
the only kind available?

If anyone has some links or can refer me to somewhere that would sell
appropriate replacements (or even just the correct term so I can look
them up in a search engine), I’d appreciate it. I actually don’t even
know what an old-style one would look like to be able to match
them, but I’d assume they were a bit more fanciful-looking? A few of
the pins I have picked up are enameled Krementz pins, if that helps