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Antique saw frame forged out in steel

I have a wonderful little saw frame forged out in steel, perhaps
100years ago. The steel frame is half round in section for rigidity,
is shaped into a rectangular section which is the slide allowing me
to adjust the position of the handle so I can use short or broken
blades. The slide is terminated with a turned brass stop. The box
wood handle has a nice brass ferrule to hold it together where it
has been forced onto the tang. The tool maker has completed the
frame with a flourish by forging a little scroll at the front. Its
light rigid and the years of battering in my workshop has added to
its charm. The work my little saw frame has done, Piercing out the
whole of the Open University coat of arms in Titanium for the OU’s
mace when I was involved in making it in 1969/70. Piercing tiny
intricate designs for pendants and rings sometimes necessitating
using short saw blades. Perhaps I should make some replica’s of my
little saw frame.

See picture at

See picture at 

That’s pretty nice, do you have dimensions… I sort of feel like
making one :slight_smile: CIA

That's pretty nice, do you have dimensions... I sort of feel like
making one :-) CIA 

Yes Charles I’m pretty proud of it. I will sort out the dimensions
for you and see how you get on.


Yes Charles I'm pretty proud of it. I will sort out the dimensions
for you and see how you get on. 

Thank you, bending and shaping iron is very satisfying, and this
looks like a worthy project :slight_smile: Charles A.

I have a similar hand-forged frame, which I have had for some years.
After seeing your post, I opened the box in which it was stored, and
found to my dismay that it is now covered in a light rust. When I
bought the frame, there was nickle plating remaining on parts of it,
which is now reduced to flakes. Mine has an ivory handle, which I
have always presumed was a replacement. Now, I suppose I will get it
out, and rehabilitate it! I’ll try and share pics for comparison.

Gosh Marrin

That’s a “Posh” sawframe with Ivory handle and nickel plated parts
would like to see pictures. Afraid mine has been hard used and
burnished by handling in the workshop and dropped into the tin lemel
tray. Hamish

Alas, the nickle has flaked off, and the iron/steel underneath is now
rusty due to my neglect. However, you have inspired me to bring it
back to its former glory. In a day or two, I’ll send an "as-is"
picture, so we may compare that to a future condition. The handle is
what caused me to buy it in the first place!

Went for a look in the saw drawer, and found that we have an
identical sawframe to the one pictured. It came from a Derby company
called Moore Brothers, who manufactured jewellery, and closed in the
70’s; my dad reckons it could easily be a Victorian sawframe - we’ve
got a few other antique tools from them.

Jamie Hall