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Antique Rolling Mil

I received this email and thought some Orchidians might be able to
help out Anita. Sandra Noble Goss @Sandra_Noble_Goss

To whom it may concern:

I have had an antique rolling mill for about 18 years. I have had
this mill thru seven states trying to get it authenticated. I have
researched the company but I have not been able to find out anything
else. The original stamp on the press is Crocker and Company out of
Dayton, Ohio. All I have found is that this company made mining
equipment and the company went out of business in 1904.

As you can tell I am very excited that I found a photo in your webb
sight of this item although it is much mor modern. Please send me
any that you might have or where I might find someone to
appraise it.

After 18 years it is wonderful to finally find a similiar photo of
this antique.

P.S. I willl be very grateful for any