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Anticlastic forming

The gold earrings in that picture look fold formed. The metal looks
very thin which would aid the process. I have never heard of fold
forming in ancient times but that is sure what it looks like to me.

Marilyn, the earrings are made of two boat-shaped pieces, soldered
together side-by-side – I think that’s what makes it look as if
it were fold-formed. My question is, how were the two “boats”
(which are bulbous at the bottom and which neck in at the top)
made in the first place? (Yes, the gold is thin.) --Judy Bjorkman

Someplace I have a book about ancient jewelry which includes
on how wire was made from strips and molds were used for
bead making. I don’t loan books out as a rule but I’m beginning to
think that I may have loaned this one. The gold for these earrings
being so thin, could have been shaped in molds and then the two
forms soldered together.

I’ll keep looking for that darn book.