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Anti-Tarnish Silver

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to work
with this New, I Think, Anti-Tarnish Silver. There is a company in
Rhode Island that is manufacturing jewelry with it, I think they call
themselves AJC and they are located at 24 Baker St. Providence, RI. If
anyone has a connection to buy sheets and wire of this material,
would you share with me/us as to where we can buy it? Thank you very
much, Mark Cunha GemFashions

Rio Grande in Albuquerque sells it as casting grain. They also sell
the alloy for the fine silver if you want to roll your own.

Phillip R Scott GG
Rio Grande

–I work with anti- tarnish silver a lot and the only draw back I
find is silver being soft already it is now even softer and can cause
extra work when working with it. (has any one else run into this
problem.) Swest carries this and it is in their new catolog. Also the
people in their technicle dept. are very helpful. Leona