Anti-flux choices

can? acrylic paint (any color)? be used 

In a word, no. Yellow ochre is not paint, in the form we use. Some
people might use watercolor, which is pigment and water. My yellow
ochre (30 years old, now) is a can of yellow powder. Acrylic paint
is plastic.

The yellow ochre is a great anti flux, but, it also is hard to
remove from the metal. If the yellow ochre gets into places where you
cannot clean… you can put whatever expletive you want in the
spot with the … that is as to your attitude when you are
polishing/cleaning up the piece and not able to get off the yellow
ochre as it has hardened and almost made itself part of the metal. If
you do choose yellow ochre, then I suggest you mix the powder with
olive oil for slightly easier removal after soldering. Keep in mind,
it will not be easy to remove. Mix to a paste making sure all the
oil is absorbed by the powder.

A much better item as an anti flux is a brand name of anti flux
called Stop Flow. It is on the steep side price wise (more than
yellow ochre) but to me is worth every penny. It comes in a small
bottle, you put it on with a paintbrush and it stays where you put
it! Then, after you solder (it will last through several heatings),
you can remove easily by placing it in water and rubbing just a
little bit or the most I have had to do to remove it is use a
toothbrush. What a dream product. Who ever invented this was very
smart. I buy mine at The Mine Shaft (800) 654-3934 - no affiliation,
just a happy customer.

Beth Katz
Unique Solutions Inc.

I would like to second Beth Katz’s recommendation of the anti-flux
liquid, Stop-Flow. I have been using it for years. It is easy to
remove, non-toxic and biodegradable. It is well worth the price. I
bought a large container of it from Rio Grande years ago. I found
this week that it had clumped up, but I used electric beaters and
returned it to the proper consistency. I would also like to recommend
Beth’s paste solder which I use in conjunction with the Stop Flow.


Try Dr. Frank’s Fabulous Flux…non-toxic and holds up to
long-lasting extreme temperatures. Gesswein: []

For a silver restorer who has to be VERY sensitive to surface
finishes, this has been a dream come true! I’ve used it for years.

Jeff Herman

I can’t believe no one else is aware that plain ol’ Philips Milk of
Magnesia is a great anti flux. So…now you know!