Anti-firescale process

I have developed a simple way to prevent firescale when vacuum
casting sterling silver or gold. The process has been written up is
two magazines. Would Orchid accept a paper I would write on the

The process produces a reducing atmosphere around the casting flask
while it cools before quenching.

I place scrap wax on a solder pad, place the hot casting flask on
the wax, cover the casting flask with a larger flask, throw scrap
was on the sprue button, then set another solder pad on the cover
flask. The hot flask and sprue button causes the wax to burn which
depletes all the oxygen around the hot casting flask. No Oxygen
not firescale.

This photo shows one of my castings as it came out of the quench
water. It was brushed by a brass brush to remove the investment.
Investment can still be seen beneath the bear.

An Orchid lover,

Lee Epperson