Antaeos Handpiece

I recently inherited a flexshaft and attached handpiece that had
been used for many years by a jeweler and had been sitting in a box
for at least ten years. I now use it to bezel-set stones. I notice
that the handpiece gets hot rather quickly when I use it and the
hammering pressure is sometimes inconsistent. Since the flexshaft
was made by Foredom, I assumed the handpiece was too, and sent it to
the Foredom company to get maintenanced. They sent it right back to
me untouched because they said it was made by Antaeos.

Does anyone know a reputable place where can I send this handpiece
to get serviced?

Please feel free to respond offline


Send it to Armstrong Tool and Supply. I use them to repair
handpieces all the time.

Steve Arista Designs LLC

While it is a good idea to have the hand piece serviced, it may not
be the reason that it is heating up. The hammer hand pieces are
designed to be used with high torque/ low rpm motors. So if your
foredom does not have the 3 to 1 reduction gear to lower the rpm you
may be using the hand piece at too high a speed. Even at low rpm my
hand pieces do develop a certain amount of heat with heavy use. just
the way they are.

Frank Goss