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Answer to: Retail arts/crafts show listings

dave (et ux) -

‘sunshine artist’ is a monthly magazine that more than meets what
you’re seeking & while it is published in winter park, florida, it
lists shows all over the country with excellent coverage of the
southeast. every issue of ‘sunshine artist’ has calendars of events
state by state as well as ‘audits’ on shows submitted by artists &
‘stringers’ (field reporters, not beaders); other publications list
shows, but they do not furnish responses from artists who actually
attended those shows. there are pages of shows by date; name; last
year’s attendance; type of show, acceptable work, & how it is juried

  • all based on an easily understood list; award amounts; fees; number
    of spaces & number of applicants last show; percentage of artists
    attending last year who would return this year. ‘sunshine artist’
    also compiles the rating for the top 200 shows in the country based
    on artists’ input - the september issue lists those shows in 3
    categories: fine art, fine craft, & traditional craft & explains why.
    no, we don’t own any stock in the magazine - it’s just the best
    source of what i need to know & subscription cost is under $30.00 a
    year. hope this helps -