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Another test, was:RE: The Test

Hi Folks,

Maybe a little different (or possibly the same) perspective on the
certification movement:

Aside from my jewelry work, I work in a technical field, employed by the
same company for almost 7 years. A few years ago, they developed a
certification program for people in my field (inside and outside the
company), and encouraged us to all get certified. My reaction was, and
still is, “Why do I need to be certified to do a job I am already doing?”

The main answer is so that the employer can state that they have X% of
employees certified (a sign of quality). Other than artificial incentives
at review time, being certified has no impact on me in my current position.
On the other hand, if I was to hit the street looking for alternate
employment in the same field, certification would make it a lot more
assured that I would be hired. I guess I perceive it as a “seal of
approval” in circles where your work and/or performance are not already


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC