Another soldering question


In regards to soldering sterling silver wire or other sterling silver
accents onto a flat textured sterling silver surface, how do I flow
solder only to the area where the wire touches the flat textured
surface instead of allowing it to flow out into the details of
texture and thus making the whole soldering job look messy?


The simplest solution I can think of is to brush flux onto the back
of whatever you’re joining (this is obviously easier with paste flux
than liquid) and just set the piece down on top where you want it to
go. liquid) and just set the piece down on top where you want it to
go. This would lend itself very well to sweat soldering. I’m not
exactly sure what you are trying to do, but I hope this helps.

-Devan Moorman

Hello chris,

I don’t know what your wire size is… What I suggest is that gently
file the bottom side of your wire flat then cut very very small
chips of solder like the size of a point made by the tip of a sharp
pencil. Flux the wire with paste flux and set the solder chips on the
flat side of the wire. Heat the entire wire gently as if annealing it
and stop when the solder melts on to the wire (not a complete flow).
This should be done when your wire is soft otherwise will change
shape if there are any curves in the wire design. Set your piece on a
elevated wire mesh, flux the wire then set it where youwan’t it and
heat the whole thing gently from above then concentrate the heat on
the support piece from underneath until the solder flows.

Good luck!
Vasken Tanielian


Lately, I’ve been used powdered solder that has powdered flux mixed
into it. I touch up the wire with water where I want the solder to
flow, then sprinkle the powdered solder over the wet area, and shake
off any excess powder.

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BTW, does anyone know a source for powdered Argentium solder? Jamie

Hello Chris,

A relatively simple way to “corral” solder is to use White Out
liquid. You can use the little brush to paint in the containment
area, then place your accent in the unpainted area. Be absolutely
sure to get the White Out that is NOT FLAMMABLE. I use this instead
of yellow ochre, which should also serve the purpose. Tin the accent
with a tiny bit of solder to reduce flow as well.

Hope this helps,
Judy in Kansas, where some very welcome rain is falling. Yay! The
strawberries and asparagus are lovin’ it.

I would apply Wite Out on the textured surface where you don’t want
the solder to flow. Make sure it is dry before soldering. Hope it
goes well,

Connie Fox