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Announcment / facetors Chat at

Hi, Join us on the 24carat Network chat room the address is as we welcome American Gem Trade
Association “Cutting Edge” Award Winner, Paul T. Ahlstedt. Paul
will discuss “Dealing with Dichroism in Common Gem Materials.” Be
sure not to miss this presentation, the first in a series for
facetors presented by the 24carat network. In addition, regularly
scheduled chats will be held…This Presentation will be on
Friday, May 8th at 6pm Pacific time…9 pm eastern time

Paul will begin with cutting tourmaline and other common dichroic
materials so that the facetor may optimize his or her finished
gemstones to the greatest possible extent. Future related
presentations will include the proper use of gemological instruments
to help the facetor orient rough for optimal finished gem
performance. There will be something to be learned by facetors of
all experience levels, so be sure to mark this first presentation
by the 24carat Network on your calendars.

So please feel free to come and join in and ask questions. Thanks
and best wishes

on behalf of
the industrys network