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Announcing a New New Zealand List

Mon 29th June 1998


T h e N e w N e w Z e a l a n d C r a f t s M a i l L i s t

NZcrafts is a network of active relationships for the
benefit of New Zealand craft artists, for announcements
and discussion about all New Zealand crafts.

Through ‘nzcrafts’, participants may resolve their questions about
virtually any subject relevant to the broad spectrum of involvements
surrounding all New Zealand crafts.

Conceived and maintained free of charge by and for New Zealand
craft artists - both the experienced professional and the
beginner - nzcrafts is dedicated to the exchange of
substantive technical and critical content, covering the full
range of requirements.

With list members coming from all over the world bringing a
wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences, this forum
addresses questions about every aspect of object making today.

Information files are:

general help
general info about nzcrafts
frequently asked questions and answers

Commands to the server should be typed in the BODY of your
email, NOT in the Subject line. The server software does not
process commands in the Subject. Commands should be sent to the
NZCrafts computer

You may put multiple commands in the same mail message, put each
command on a line by itself. If you use a “signature” at the end
of your email, the computer may mistakenly believe each line of
your signature is a command; you will then receive spurious
error messages. To stop the software from processing your
signature as bad commands, make a last line with ‘end’ alone in

To SUBSCRIBE and get some


Subject line: (Note: leave this Subject line blank)

and in the body of the message type the commands:

subscribe nzcrafts
faq nzcrafts

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