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[Announcement] - Technical Problems with the Orchid List

Greetings to all of you Orchid Friends;

You must wonder why for the last few days there where no posting at all to our
Orchid community. Frankly, I was wandering myself…

Some of you even experienced bounced mail or even could not login to That made me think that the problem is not at our side but
somewhere bigger than us…go and figure out.

After HOURS of testings with the help of some great Orchid friends I managed to
locate the problem… It seems that the automatic update of the InterNIC
domain name database had a bug that affected us directly; It simply made invisible to the rest of the Internet. Quit Insulting ins’nt it?

Anyway, I am still working over the clock to fix the problem and have
been informed that everything should come back to normal by today. I pray
it’s true!

I want to thank you all who contacted me and helped me testing the system,
and also to thank you all for your kind patience and understanding.

Let us help each other keeping our community up on the air. Just keep on
sending your posting - please don’t give up!

My apologies to all of you who submitted works for the Orchid Gallery and
still don’t have their gallery pages. I will update these pages as soon
as I clear this major unexpected bug!

and some good news for change :slight_smile: …The official Orchid chat room is on
its way…:)) stay tuned…

Your sleepless friend

Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd

Webmaster Ganoksin Online

ICQ # 864 5224

Thank you for your diligence. Your persistance is appreciated.

Thank you Dr. Aspler for what you are doing. Vince LaRochelle.

good luck, I really miss reading the mail from orchid, I learned
a lot from the last past months.