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Annealing Shibuishi

Shibuishi Help please!

I am currently having trouble getting the correct annealing temp for
some Shibuishi that I trying to work (or so I think). The mix on
this batch is 75% copper and 25% 999 silver the metal is about 10
gauge square wire. The thinner wire that I made has been absolutely
fine to work with. It is the larger ingots that I have processed that
seem to have gone to stone.

It is so hard that I am not able to bend it slightly around a
bracelet mandrel. I have annealed it several times to have no
softening effects. I have no idea if this is due to some impurities
in casting, possible overworking or I am not doing something right
with annealing.

Does anyone have some suggestions? I love this metal and I have some
designs that I really want to work but at the current rate I will
lose my mind.

Many thanks
Rachel Coleman Hearne
Lancaster UK

Hi Rachel,

Here is an excerpt from our Info papers on Shibuichi. Hope this

25% & 15% SHIBUICHI

  These are two classic Japanese alloys containing 25% and 15%
  fine silver in a copper base. The alloys are both tough and
  hard, yet maintain excellent cold forming properties. The 15%
  is softer and more colorable, while the 25% is springy and
  reticulates the best. The metals are a creamy pink color in
  the natural state. The 25% is an excellent reticulation alloy
  and may be depletion plated and reticulated using the methods
  described in most texts.  The approximate melting point is
  1432F and the annealing range is 1150F to 1300F. 

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