Annealing Question

Hi, everybody,

I am mostly self taught so I really appreciate having Orchid. Last
week I needed some 26 gauge 14k Gold Filled dead soft round wire for
a project and I had none. I did have 1 oz of hard wire and found the
following instructions:

For dead soft set your oven to 1200F and place metal in the oven for
1/2 to 1 hour.

No mention of fire scale, quenching, pickling, etc. Having found
these instructions on a catalog I trust, I just charged ahead as I do
sometimes. Into the kiln it went for 30 minutes. When I checked it,
I find my beautiful gold filled wire was now char black! I tried to
pickle, polish and tumble in shot but nothing worked. I would love
to know what I did wrong. Does anyone have any idea? Is it ever
possible to anneal gold filled?

Thank you very much for your input. I searched the archives but did
not find an exact answer.

Vera Battemarco