Annealing and Keum-Boo

Can you anneal a piece of jewelry after you Keum-Boo it? Will it damage the gold?
I’m looking to put Keum-Boo on a flat piece of silver, then shape it into a cuff bracelet.

As long as you are careful about temperature, you should be able to anneal sterling with keum bo. (I am assuming sterling, not fine silver–although the same basic principles apply) Gold will firmly attach to silver at about 662F. Sterling anneals at 1100F-1200F. Be very careful not to go over 1200F. Gold and silver love each other and given the right heat, will “marry.” The gold will sink into the silver and at first become a pale ghost and then basically disappear. (You just made Electrum!) btw, if you do experience some over heating, you can re-apply more using the same procedure you used for the first application—although a 3D object presents some more difficulty in consistent heating of the object…just occured to me that annealing it in a kiln with accurate sustained temp, might do the trick too

Thank you, that’s good to know. I have a kiln and I like to use it for annealing.