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Ann Biederman - Jewelry Gallery


I have been doing metal work and jewelry for the past 30 years. I taught art to deaf children for twenty years, while working on my craft and learning as many techniques as possible. My love of the ancient civilizations art work is reflected in my own work. The ancients work was so exquisite and timeless and the artisans hand can be felt in the work. I try to create pieces that have the same qualities. I work in 22k gold, which I leave unpolished , so that it takes on its own rich patina. My work combines granulation, bezel stone setting, chasing and repousse, lapidary fusing and soldering.

I have taken a new direction in my work, or my work has taken me in a new direction, depending upon how you view life. Since the price of gold is so high it does not allow me to work at the pace I enjoy and certainly makes my work very expensive since I use 22k. I have returned to a much earlier time period in my bench-life when I experimented more, created much looser work and was not so constricted to measurements and strict guidelines. Perhaps this comes with age, more confidence in my skills,lack of funds to purchase an abundance of gold, a desire for new endeavors, a creative surge, or all of the above. I have incorporated all the many skills I have learned over a lifetime of classes and work and metal-smithing knowledge. In creating this heart collection I have incooperated chasing, repousse, kum-boo, riveting, raising, soldering, experimenting and lots of fun and discovery. Each piece created leads me to another idea, a new experiment and more excitement. Hope you enjoy them… anni


















Ducks on Chain

My attention has shifted to new directions in my work. times change and one must bend to adapt.

I have become fascinated with moving metal, raising and forming. These techniques are allowing me to create more sculptural pieces and see things from a different point of view. My inspiration has been driven by nature and form, experimenting and learning as i create. my latest piece “the lovers” was actually inspired by a glove of garlic that a friend offered me for inspiration. I look at things with a new appreciation and intuition exploring forms, shapes and ways to create them. I have been exploring ways to create ducks and geese.