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Anita Pierce - Bench Exchange


USA My bench is a portable that goes in and out of my motorhome whenever I use it. My soldering station is on the other table in a cardboard box to block the sea breezes. I didn’t have my grinder/buffer, tumbler and cab mate out that day. My view is the San Clemente beach in southern California. Moving things daily is the only way I know (I’m new), I sometimes think about having a “room” but then I’d have to give up my Gypsy lifestyle, not worth the trade for me…yet! Thanks for looking and if you ever find yourself in San Clemente, look me up at the State Park where I work as the Park Interpreter.


Wow… come a long way baby!


What language does the park speak ?..
Just kidding,
As a San-O local for almost 70 years, i’n envious. Great set up, great location.
Best, Jim


Well Hello Jim,
I am flattered that you’d notice my little picture and “bench exchange”.
It was a good time there at the beach. Ive since moved back to Florida and am setting anxious to “get back into” jewelry.
I make harness & tack for horses and have a nice shop for that. Ive taken a corner and started unpacking my jewelry shop which has been packed away since my husband died 6 years ago.
I keep saying, “I’ know I will be okay when I start making jewelry again!”
Your creations are truly magnificent!
Thank you for your kind comments.
My mom recently sold her house there in San Juan and Ill be on my way to help her move shortly.
Again, thank you and Ill be watching!


Hi Anita,
Glad you’re up for a change of scenery. Horse related pieces have always fascinated me, My oldest daughter is an owner-rider.
Good luck in your new venture, I’m looking forward to right coast workshop pictures.