Ancient "swastika"

Was: Qianlong’s jade bowl

I found another “swastika” example on a painted pot from Samarra
(Iraq), dating to about 5,000 BC. This one has little hands on the
ends of each arm, a variant I’ve not seen elsewhere. See Figure 8.20
on p. 147 of Yosef Garfinkel’s book, Dancing at the Dawn of

Judy Bjorkman

For what it is worth, you will find several “swastika” type forms
from the Scandinavian Iron Age on pages 53 and 55 in the book
titled: Scandinavian Mythology - part of a series from the Library
of the World’s Myths and Legends - published in the US in the 80’s.

Not sure how unusual these are, but if you have not seen them they
are beautiful spiral type forms and worth taking a look at.

Robyn Kleinhans