Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

I am studying jewelry design at the TAFE DESIGN CENTER in
Sydney, Australia and I have to write a paper about ancient
egyptian jewelry(materials used, manufacturing processes,
symbolism, function… does anybody know where I could get some
info (web sites, books…?) Thanks a lot Francine

Please reply to my personnal email adress:,Internet Email

Francine, I have a background in art history. One of my school
books has much info on symbolism and points of style. It is - Art
Through The Ages. published by Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich Inc.
ISBN # 0-15-503759-5. I would also like to introduce myself.
I am Marcy Miller. I teach metals at the community college here
in Cheyenne, Wyoming. And own my own contract jewelry business. I
have been in the business for 11 years. And I still love it as
much as I did when I started!!!. Peace, Marcy Miller