Anamaria Dobras - Jewelry Gallery

oradea, Romania

Anamaria Dobras first played with the concept of contemporary jewelry 8 years ago, before starting her studies at the Faculty of Arts and Design of Timisoara where she earned a Master degree in product design. During these past years, she has successfully graduated courses for the processing of precious metals and has opened her own workshop.

As a contemporary jeweler, she works under the name of DDjewelry, which is starting to be known with the launching of some statement pieces. Her creations show a clear preference for experimentalism – this is visible when it comes to textures but also to compositions. The mixture of aesthetics, shapes and colors aim to awaken profound feelings and diverse states of mind.

Her style is quite contemporary, but she uses a variety of elements which make references to a gothic baroque vision. What she wishes the most is to inspire through her creations, to create objects worthy of a sentimental value, worthy of becoming talismanic.

One of her biggest passions is the continuous process of searching, innovation and self-improvement. Beyond the fact that this is necessary for the creative spirit, self-improvement has become something natural for her.

??"I wish to bring joy to people through my creations and my aim is to design pieces worthy of bearing a sentimental value, along with the material one. The attachment towards an object, garnished with the wearer’s feelings, can transform it into a precious gem of the soul. "

text by Delia Sfechis

Materials: silver Dimensions: 82 x 48 x 18

A certain piece of clothing or jewelry does not have to be characterized by gender. If the product is good, it shouldn’t matter whether a man or a woman wears it; this practically becomes an ideal. That is the main concept behind " sabotage " - from collection "sabotage the genders "

Photo credit: Dobras Anamaria

Drop of energy

Materials: silver , cultured pearl
Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 30 mm

“drop of energy” translates the energy of water to a functional context. Key concepts: movement, floating, deformation, reflection.
The concept behind "aqua " collection

Photo credit: Dobras Anamaria

Hourglass Symbol

Materials: silver, fosil coral, patina
Dimensions: 26 x 30 x 32 mm

Hourglass Symbol :
Dry drops fall off the edge of your face. And with each drop you become less. I’m afraid I don’t have an extra tank…
Part of " Nebula " collection

Photo credit: Dobras Anamaria

Blue Splash

Materials: silver 925, blue pigment, mix media
Dimensions: 38 x 40 x 16 mm

It all starts with light. This not something easy to describe but it is the truth. There are moments when light expands up to the point when space refuses to hold it any longer. Then for a glimpse it nearly turns physical, before it disappears. But from that evanescent demonstration of being, a splash comes into the world. It is the only poof of the story. A small, weightless, pure form of … life. So small that it could be easily wiped off. But in all its innocence, it steps brightly into existence. ( that was when you were born )

Photo credit: Dobras Anamaria

Bubble Ring

Materials: Silver 925, transparent resin
Dimensions: 44 x 44 x 20 mm

When the time has come for water to depart, it will do so without any witnesses. This is an action so delicate, a mere mortal cannot visualize how water dissolves into light and heat. All that remains behind are a few little pieces of salt. Like nothing was ever there. But there they stay, stealing small pieces of light from the sun. ( and this is when you die )

Photo credit: Calin Leucuta

Tree of Life Ring

Materials: silver 925, black patina, rough Opal
Dimensions: 24 x 28 x 32mm

The tree of life symbol
Spread your roots around my universe and let me reach higher, to polish the crown on your head.

Photo credit: Calin Leucuta