Analysis of electroforming bath

Do you know how I can test my electroforming bath to see if it is
composed of the propoer chemicals? I am using a copper sulfate mix.
I would like to find a lab that could analyse a sample of the bath.
I used to send it to a lab, but they are now chaging $75.00 per
analysis which is too expensive for a small user like me.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Ann:

A friend of mine in grad school did a lot of large electroforming.
She made friends with one of the local platers who was also doing a
LOT of electroforming, and had the gear to test his own baths. He
was willing to run samples on her bath when he did his. I believe
there may have been home-made cookies and beer involved in this all
somewhere. A suggestion, at any rate.


Hi Ann,

Checking your copper sulphate bath can be done by yourself.

Try to find the book “Electroforming” written by Leslie Curtis.
Leslie is (was?) teaching at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, GB
at the plating department.

Published by A & C, London, GB

In this book are some ways described how to check your copper

It depends on the volume of your bath. When it’s a small amount, you
can also consider to get rid of your old bath (in a proper way!) and
start with a fresh one. Some times it’s not worth the trouble to
check and regulate a small quantity of liquid.

Jan Matthesius
the Netherlands