An Update on Orchid and Ganoksin Re-Launch

Orchidians -

Since I introduced myself back at the beginning of the summer, our
team has been hard at work on re-launching Ganoksin and Orchid. It is
no small task - this is a very large website and the Orchid archives
are simply enormous. But I am glad to have undertaken this work! And
now, within the next 30 days, I am hoping to launch “Version 1” of
the project to revamp and improve Ganoksin and Orchid.

My goals for “version 1” of the Ganoksin and Orchid re-work were as

  1. Move Orchid to a web-based forum software that is easy to use
    from both your mobile phone and your computer. Move Ganoksin to a new
    web framework so that is fast, usable, and well-organized.

  2. Import all 20+ years of archives into a topic-driven searchable
    format, so that you can search this wealth of by topic
    right within Orchid

  3. Manually edit all of our articles, categorize them and re-scan
    almost 1,000 poor quality images on

  4. Move Benchtube and our video library to a new and fast host

  5. Remove all external advertisements by Google Adsense to clean up
    the formatting of all of our pages, focus on Sponsorship revenue from
    relevant advertisers and member-supporters.

So far, so good! We are on schedule, and over-budget, but having fun
and getting excited.

I must say - I am even more impressed by this community now that
I’ve had the opportunity to see all of the amazing discussions that
have happened over 20 years!

I’ll follow up now with more frequent updates and specifics as
launch time approaches, including how to claim your spot on the new
version of Orchid.

I also would request your patience and support as we work through
all of the inevitable kinks associated post-launch. There will be
some bumps, and many opportunities to improve the features and
functionality of both Ganoksin and Orchid in Version 2. A website is
never done, but I am here for the long haul and I look forward to
putting forward an amazing resource for all of you.

Seth Rosen

Great news, I have been reader from the beginning. Audrita

Hello Seth,

Thanks for the update. Really am excited about the topic-driven
searchable format for the archives. It’s a wonderful resource! More
power to you, Judy in Kansas

When I was at Seth Rosen’s office last June to create 8, new
gem-setting training video’s!!! I was totally impressed with his
ideas on a ‘newer’ version of our Orchid. His new ideas will
catapult Orchid & make it a more interesting & accessible site. I’m
not at liberty to divulge any of his ideas right now, but nice
changes are taking place. “Orchid” is in very good hands!…:>)…
Gerry Lewy!

Thank you for the update. Hopefully it will work with Blackberry as
well, not just I phone and android.

Take care, Paul Le May.