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An Orchidian sells orchids

So, let’s see. I think we are at count down. I just did a show for
the Mass Orchid Society (Oct 26- 28) and it went well for a first
time. I about made my expenses at a small show of around 1k people.
The World Orchid Conference (WOC), in Miami ( January 20th - 27th) is
estimated at 250k.

I was given two first prizes and two second, and great praise from
many that I was pleased to be praised by. I put my unset mastodon
(surrounded with 24k frame) into the category of sculpture (a touch
piece) and was judged twice and got two sets of ribbons!

It was a crowd buying plants, not jewelry, although the very talented
Thai women who does painted orchid out of corn starch and Elmer’s
glue ($20 - 80) must have done several grand, deserved…, her stuff
was superb. Silk embroidery from Viet Nam took the over-all prize and
sold several (around $500- 600). No other jewelers. I learned some
significant lessons from the show. The people at an orchid show are
into sorting out a jumble of taxa in a complex visual array, so all
my pieces go on the website. Small gold pieces will sell, especially
earrings (dugh!). You really get peoples attention by telling them
that the ivory is 15k old, or more. A website is going to be
important. People like candy.

There are three jeweler’s self identified in the Nov. Orchid
magazine, in the article about the WOC in Miami. There could be
others, can’t tell from their names. This will be a buying crowd. My
ad appears monthly from this past September on. Gets larger (1/6th
page) in December, and says ‘see us at the 19th Word Orchid
Conference’ runs through January, not sure about February. I have a
full page ad in their hand out, inside page facing the back cover.

Still do not have a clue about what to get as a card swipe.
Something inexpensive by the month, please. What do I have to pay to
get a practical, easy, reasonably priced piece of equipment? Is there
an autonomous gadget that does wifi with-out a laptop, no web access
on my cell phone (I will have a functioning cell)?

Don’t Fret Will Have More ?'s

szs under revision, soon to reappear on Ganoksin
for all you lovely people and support of a great resource. has the goodies to attach to your cell phone.
Also google cell phone wireless merchant processing for lots of
options. Be sure to ask how to stop the monthly fees when you are not

Judy Hoch

A couple that I know that sell leather goods at shows and from their
remote home use a Verfone VX 610. They say it works great and is
built to last.

Good price at this site

A couple that I know that sell leather goods at shows and from
their remote home use a Verfone VX 610. They say it works great and
is built to last. 

Thanks Roger, this does sound like the best solution so far, if only
I understood all the technical jargon they throw at me! Hopeless. Has
anyone used it? Does it have a monthly charge? Using it with wifi,
do you enter the eprocessing website and it logs on for you? Do you
need a Ph.D. to use it (I have one, but obviously it is of limited

Thanks for the replies.