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An Orchid Triumph

Hi folks,

4 years ago… well before I had any idea I’d become so empassioned
by cutting stones & metalsmithing, then eventually discover this
wonderful place called Orchid… my husband & I went to the mall to
shop one weekend. That particular weekend the Orchid Grower’s
Society was having its annual event, complete with an endless number
of orchids in every color, shape, size, & type you can imagine.
Absolute beauties everywhere you looked. We knew we had to have one,
so finally picked out “the one”. The grower showed us a bud hiding
down inside one of the leaves and told us that it wouldn’t be long
until it bloomed and we’d see what color it was going to be.

For the last 4 years we’ve tried everything. We watched, waited,
watered, fertilized, neglected, babied, and pleaded with it to
bloom. Nothing happened. Considering my degree in horticulture, I
was beside myself over it! Many weeks ago, my husband hung it out on
a branch in one of the trees in the front yard so it could get some
rain, which wound up falling for days upon end. Eventually we all
but forgot about it. Last Saturday, I was pulling weeds in the
garden next to the tree when I caught something out of the corner of
my eye. I looked up and there it was. Our little orchid in full neon
magenta bloom!! I was thrilled beyond words. It HAD to be some kind
of a sign! Of what, I have no idea yet, but now at long last I can
finally stop agonizing over which Orchid pin to get! :slight_smile:

Carol CW, where all of a sudden it’s pouring rain here, so my orchid
is happily getting a big drink today!