An option for a tricky soldering situation

I wanted to share this as I’m always looking for different ways to support work while soldering and in this case this was the best solution I could come up with…

I needed all the silver and gold bars to perfectly conform to the shape of the ring and be perfectly in line with each other so embedded them in delft clay. The clay was a real heat sink but I got there in the end!

This was also the first flush setting I’d ever done ( apart from all the practicing!)… a 1.75mm diamond… beginners luck I think!


Good idea. You can also probably use Petrobond. It is cheaper than Delft Clay. I am not sure if it will gas off and dirty up the works.

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Thanks… yes that would definitely be cheaper, I just used what I had at hand. Thankfully not too much of it was sacrificed :slightly_smiling_face:

I think that ring looks really nice. Quite artful.

I made something similar a few years ago. Definitely a one of a kind bracelet. No gold or stones but random lengths of 10 ga. round and square wire. I made a cradle of refractory cement using a bracelet mandrel for forming the shape. It was a little fidigity to solder but it came out well.

I like the detail with the diamond. Braver than me.


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Thanks so much Don… the whole piece was pretty nerve wracking as it was for a friend as a parting gift from her partner who was dying of a brain tumour… the pressure to make it perfect was intense at times. He is sadly no longer with us but the ring brings her great comfort so it’s doing its job :blush:


Wow, an amazing story. May I ask where you sourced that beautiful box?


I got it from a carpenter near me in Scotland… he’s on Etsy: Custom Engraved Walnut Ring Box - Etsy UK

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