An enamelist's scavenger hunt

Orchidians, In the spirit of a new years resolution; I decided to do
a redundancy inventory and clear out some dust gathering duplicate
stock …and seek to replenish my own supply of discontinued lead
bearing enamels, worn out kiln furniture, and some tools.

In that vein; I have available for the asking, some 80-mesh lead
bearing enamels which I’m looking to trade for a similar or like
quanity/quality, as follows:

(2) ARO-40 = Avocado Green 16 oz. ea. (total of 2 lb.) in original

(2) ARO-56 = Peach 16 oz. ea. (total of 2 lbs.) in original

OKay, I know it’s 20 year old Amaco lead bearing product; but it
still sifts down into nice fines. No warranty or guarantee; although
mine have fired up normally.

Also, for those doing workshops, classes, or for schools; up for
trade is the following:

(24) wood handled scrolling tools for hot plate furnace.12-1/2"
overall length ea.

(24) Stainless Steel universal wire trivet arms easily fastened to
4-mesh firing racks

(24) Amaco 16 oz. jars of Enamel Oil unopened/sealed in original

If you are personally interested; or you know of another enamelist
who is - just let me know off-forum. The usual ways to contact me
aRe: 714-730-5468 (in California) or c/o @CalEnamelist

Regards, Mark P.S. root around in those basements & garages :wink: one
man’s junk is another’s…