An admin Yak :)


I just have the feeling to post a YAK, please excuse me. For the last
six years I have been moderating the Orchid List and digest, many of
you might asked yourself how do I decide when to cancel a post? Well,
I admit it. I do sometimes cancel posts. I never take actions on a
personal or commercial reasoning. I simply put myself in your mail
box -: I try to imagine what percentage of the 4 main posts types
you would like to read:

The Important and interesting posts?
The Important but boring posts?
The Unimportant and Interesting posts?
The Unimportant and Boring posts?

And I try to offer a fair balance on a daily basis. I would like to
see more of each categoty :slight_smile:

Let’s all continue to enjoy doing Orchid!
Your truly friend!